They Don’t Ask Me - Live @Slow Down Studio


Instead of Ella’s debut EP released in November 2022

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Instead of Ella is a Rotterdam based band consisting of Rengert Eggink, Stella Müller, Emre Karayalçin and Marie Scheuermann. The band draws inspiration from such musical styles as krautrock, psychedelic rock, progressive rock, ambient music and dreampop to create their sound.

In November 2022 the band released their debut EP 'Fever Dream Diaries". Recorded over 2021, the EP is a continuous musical journey that moves through different themes whilst still being a coherent piece. Using their studio as a compositional tool, the band's writing process consists almost exclusively of recording, and rarely do they fully know what they are going to play before the record button has been pressed.

With a debut album to be released in 2023, the band brings a sound not often heard from live bands due to their approach to songwriting combining the band's knack for creating a psychedelic backdrop with ethereal melodies.

Photos by Jade Sastropawiro

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